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Fly Feathers
Feather Hair Extensions

About Us

Fly Feathers is a Boulder, CO based company working with the premier feather supplier in the country, Whiting Farms. We pride ourselves on being the leading wholesale feather hair extension distributor on the market. Each Feather Flock comes from the highest quality bird to ensure that the feathers maintain their look and integrity. We use only the best feathers to separate ourselves from other retailers and provide a superior product that is highly sought after. 

We bundle our Feather Flocks in groups of four exotic feathers. This number achieves the desired look while preserving the longevity of the feather hair extension, creating a tight seal between the bead, adhesive, and hair. Please visit the 
Feather Installation page for more information on this process. Feather hair extensions typically last three to six months and can be washed brushed, blow-dried, straightened and curled up to 450° . Reinstallation is easy and the feathers last for years.

For new salons, stylists, and individual feather entrepreneurs, we recommend our Feather Flock Assortment Packages
and our Individual Feather Assortment Packages, which include a variety pack of both natural and dyed colors. To see pictures of a full color list and shop the look please refer to the Shop page. 

We look forward to working with you and creating new, long-lasting relationships!

With Love,

Fly Feathers