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Fly Feathers
Feather Hair Extensions

Feather Installation

Installing the Feather Hair Extensions is quick and easy when you follow these simple steps:

1. Lay out your materials. This will include the micro link beads, the hair hook, and the bead clamp pliers from the Feather Flock Assortment Package.

2. Next, use the hair hook to grab a piece of hair about 1/8-1/4" in length. Once you have selected the piece slide the micro link bead onto the hair.

3. Lastly, slide the bead up to the scalp and place your finger below the bead to steady it into place. Once the bead is secure, slide the extension onto the bead and clamp down. We recommend clamping down 2-3 times to make sure the bead is secured tightly. If necessary, clip the ends off the tip once it is secured.

To remove the feather extension: Take the bead clamp pliers and clamp the bead in the opposite direction. The bead will open and you can slide the bead off of the hair. For a more detailed instruction please consult this video: 

We recommend following these best practices when first installing the feather hair extensions:

1. When choosing a piece of hair make sure it is thin enough that both the hair and feather extension will fit through the bead.

2. Select a piece of hair that is under a layer to hide the bead.

3. For a most visible look place the extension at the root of the hair or behind the top of the ear. 

4. Inform your client that they can wash, blow-dry, straighten or curl their hair up to 450 degrees once the feathers are installed since they are pro-grade high quality feathers.